The Grandeur of Limassol

The Grandeur of Limassol:

The most cosmopolitan city in Cyprus, Limassol is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and spontaneous hospitality. Retaining the character of its rich and colourful medieval and modern history, the city also serves as a thriving commercial centre for the international community.

A bustling place to be:

A City famous for the medieval castle, the old city and the museums near the castle and the modern Marina, the hundreds of small tavernas and cafes in the bustling narrow pedestrianised streets around the castle, make Limassol a dream city to live in or just visit.

Limassol is the centre for shipping, foreign exchange companies and other financial services companies and because of its combination of cultural activities, theatres, museums with a carefree modern outdoor living has become the prime sought after city for a businessman’s family to make its permanent residence.

Schools and Education:

Thousands of European, Russian and recently Chinese families buy their residence home here and send their young children to the numerous professional schools and colleges that teach in the Greek, English and Russian languages and cater for primary, secondary and third level education.

Permanent Residence and Citizenship:
The Cyprus Government’s recently introduced scheme for one to obtain permanent residence and/or citizenship by investing int real estate and other incentive schemes has become very successful and popular and is attracting many people from non-European countries interested to obtain the Cyprus Passport, a strong passport in terms of the need of a visa to travel to other countries.