Skiathos Island



Skiathos lies in the Sporades chain in the north-western Aegean, measuring five miles long by nine miles wide.  It is a beautiful, lively island, notable for its abundance of pine trees and its excellent sandy beaches, sixty-two in all, offering some of the best swimming in Greece.

Skiathos has its own airport, close to its one town, also named Skiathos; nearly all the population of 5,000 live here (though the number is greatly swelled in summer), with several other small villages dotted around the coast.  The main industries are agriculture (dairy and vegetable, especially olive oil production from the 600,000 olive trees), fishing, and tourism.  There is just one major road, leading from the town down along the south coast to the many small bays and beaches; transport is by bus or taxi.

The north coast is less easily accessible, while the island’s interior is verdant and hilly, ideal for walking in spring when the flowers and bushes are blossoming.  Vromolimnos is one of the most popular beaches in Skiathos.  This long organized sandy beach of 7 km has beautiful emerald waters, a tavern and schools for water skiing, jet skiing, water scooters, windsurfing and other various sea sports.

Build your dream villa in the picturesque island of Skiathos at a unique 4000 m2 building plot 150m from the golden sandy beach of Vromolimnos.  The plot is 5 minutes from town, facing south, surrounded by olive and pine trees cleared from forestry department regulations.


Price: € 100,000 per stremma (1 stremma = 1000 m2)


On offer also is a unique, approximately 28,000 m2 land on same location.